Dana L. Morganroth


Dana Morganroth has been a fan of science, reason and critical thought, and a humanist and non-believer since high school.  At age 55, a chance encounter with Paul Coelho’s powerful statement “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion” came at an opportune time and resonated deeply. Within days of that reflection, Dana pledged to retire from the world of business and instead devote his time to involvement with secular service organizations whose prescriptions for making the world a better place most closely matched his own.

Dana is a Founding Director of the Pittsburgh Freethought Community (PFC) 501(c)(3) and currently serves as PFC President, Board Chair and acting Executive Director. PFC is a branch, affiliate or partner of several SCA member organizations, and personally Dana is a member and supporter of several of these organizations as well.  He also serves on the Board of Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh, and previously served on the boards of the Humanist Community of Pittsburgh, CFI-Pittsburgh, the Lupus Foundation of Colorado and several Colorado Division of Wildlife resource management programs.

Dana studied Management Systems at the University of Denver (BSBA) and his current work is informed by his professional experience as a management consultant, executive and business owner in various sectors including insurance, banking, non-profits, healthcare and manufacturing.

Dana has been married to Sally Wenzel MD for 30 years and currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA.


Spreading Happiness

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