Are You Voter Ready?

Check the links below to see if you're all set to vote this year:

Is Your Community Voter Ready?

Want to help others in your community get ready to vote?

Check-out Secular America Votes' Affiliates and Social Media Communications Toolkit and Non-Profit Vote's Countdown to the Election for sampling messaging. Update your Facebook with one of our Profile Frames.

Be sure to tag your posts #secularamericavotes

Ready to host a voter registration drive?

Every eligible voter should have a fair and equal opportunity to register to vote and cast their ballot. Millions of Americans miss the opportunity to vote because of confusing registration processes or missed deadlines.

In-Person Drives

Check out our How to Host a Voter Engagement Drive Guide for detailed advice and best practices.

Virtual Drives

Find out more about hosting a virtual drive in our How to Host a Virtual Voter Registration Drive Guide. Find graphics to promote your drive here.

You can host a text-banking drive or email campaign in addition to social media campaigns. Check out National Voter Registration Day's webinars on using Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat for registration outreach.

Get The Vote Out on Election Day

You can show up for the secular community on election by volunteering at the polls. On election day, you can volunteer to be a poll worker, a ride-share driver to polls, or support voters waiting in long lines by providing snacks, water, and a place to sit!

We'll continue to provide resources and updated information through the election. If you need support with your efforts or have any questions about our materials please email [email protected]

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