Claudette St.Pierre

Claudette was raised catholic but eventually as an adult realized she was an atheist. She believes in the importance of expanding the voice of secular Americans and that both science and rational thinking are the bedrock for a better world. To that end, Claudette has been active in the secular community and joined many of the national groups that are current member organizations of Secular Coalition for America.
Working with a small group of volunteers to form the Denver Metro Chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Claudette has served on the chapter’s leadership board since its inception in 2013. She has worked with other local secular groups to host two successful Colorado Secular Conferences which bring a variety of national secular leaders to speak to the Colorado community. Claudette has interests in politics, science, gardening, reading and people. You can often find her discussing ideas, experiences and knowledge not only with friends and family but with strangers too.

Claudette graduated with her Bachelor of Nursing from California State University. She has worked as a Pediatric nurse for the past 36 years.


Spreading Happiness

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