Legacy Giving

By including the Secular Coalition for America (SCA) or its affiliated organization, the Secular Coalition for America Education Fund (SCAEF), in your estate plan, you join our Secular Legacy Society.  Your gift will leave a legacy to help ensure our country remains secular – an ideal enshrined in the First Amendment – and that the rights of nontheists are protected forever.  Gifts to either organization are deeply appreciated and help further our mission.


Legacy giving allows you to pass on more than just possessions and money at your death. It is a way to communicate your ethics and values to your heirs, as well as leave them a community improved by philanthropy.


There are a number of ways to include the Secular Coalition in your estate plan:

  • Naming us as a beneficiary of a retirement account or insurance policy.

  • Making a bequest in your will or living trust.

  • Naming us as a beneficiary of a donor-advised fund or the remainderman of a charitable remainder trust.

Need some guidance?

There are many ways to include SCA in your estate plans and we would be happy to discuss with you how they work, so please feel free to contact us for more information. We are also available to talk with your advisor. Although both SCA and SCAEF are nonprofit organizations, they and their donors are subject to different tax regulations. Therefore, while we can generally describe how the vehicles work, it is important for us to emphasize that you should consult with your tax or legal advisor to determine which giving plan is best in your particular situation.

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Need Assistance/Have a question?

Contact our Executive Director at [email protected]

Ways To Give


Secular Angels

We may not believe in angels, but our Secular Angels believe in us

Honorary Donation

Give the gift of a secular government

by Mail

To give by mail, print, complete and send us the form below

Legacy Giving

Define your Legacy

Stocks & Mutual Funds

Donate appreciated securities

Donor Advised Funds

Make a gift through your DAF

Amazon Smile

Choose the Secular Coalition for America for your Amazon Smile charity


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