Secular Angels

We may not believe in angels, but our Secular Angels believe in us.

The title of Secular Angel is bestowed to those individuals who recognize the importance of protecting our secular government and have made considerable financial contributions to help us defend it. Without their generosity, our work would not be possible and the wall of separation between church and state would be less safe.


Louis and Laurie Appignani

Herb Silverman and Sharon Fratepiero

Anonymous Angel

Stephen & Diane Uhl

Susan & Steve Rade

Donald Telage

Woody Kaplan & Wendy Kaminer

Harold Saferstein

Todd & Diana Stiefel

John Levin

Richard Dawkins

$25,000 - $49,999

Nancy Martin

Joseph Gerstein

Bob Frankston

Kenneth Moore

John Aglialoro

Robert & Blaikie Worth




$50,000 - $99,999

Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss

Larry Jones

Sue Reamer

Bob & Susan Kresek

Michelle Rhea

Michael Lewis

David Reichert

Kenneth Bronstein

Cary & Joan Shaw

Scott A. Hunter

$10,000 - $24,999

Dr. Dharmesh Shah

Bob and Susan Kresek

Charles Ross

Jonathan Morgan

Nick Sheridan

Dana Morganroth

Benny Pollak

Michael Schubmehl

Paul Storey

Michael & Alison Seaman

John Hooper & Gail Pesyna

Effie Westervelt

Earl Marble & William Mastrocola

Jean Bettanny

Joe Kotzin

Stanley Eisenberg

Leonard Tramiel

Rich & Joyce Hirsch

Beth Zigmund & John Moscatelli

Jeff Justice

Scott Romanowski

Sidney Kass

Laura Rothkopf

Sam Harris

Bruce Flamm

Brian Engler

John Simons

Robert Boomsliter

Stephen P. Driscoll & Robert Tocci

Earn your wings today!

To learn more about how you can become a Secular Angel, email our Executive Director Debbie Allen at [email protected].

Ways To Give


Secular Angels

We may not believe in angels, but our Secular Angels believe in us

Honorary Donation

Give the gift of a secular government

by Mail

To give by mail, print, complete and send us the form below

Legacy Giving

Define your Legacy

Stocks & Mutual Funds

Donate appreciated securities

Donor Advised Funds

Make a gift through your DAF

Amazon Smile

Choose the Secular Coalition for America for your Amazon Smile charity


Spreading Happiness

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