Donor Advised Funds

We hope you consider supporting the Secular Coalition for America Education Fund through your Donor Advised Fund (DAF). If you are unable to find your DAF on this pledge, please contact your adviser directly.

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is like a personal charitable savings account that allows you to make contributions of cash, stock, or other assets while receiving an immediate tax deduction for the gift.


Ways To Give


Secular Angels

We may not believe in angels, but our Secular Angels believe in us

Honorary Donation

Give the gift of a secular government

by Mail

To give by mail, print, complete and send us the form below

Legacy Giving

Define your Legacy

Stocks & Mutual Funds

Donate appreciated securities

Donor Advised Funds

Make a gift through your DAF

Amazon Smile

Choose the Secular Coalition for America for your Amazon Smile charity


Spreading Happiness

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