Madison Paige

Madison Paige is a graduate of Penn State University with a BA in communications and journalism with a minor in black studies. She founded her first business at the age of 21, an environmental consulting firm conducting materials testing and EPA and OSHA compliance monitoring throughout the metro DC area. In 1998 she moved to Florida and started her next business, a boutique web design firm that delivered unconventionally media-rich websites to large and small brands, businesses and organizations. Her clients included major brands such as Mercedes-Benz, and hundreds of small and medium size businesses.
Fifteen years of being in media, design, and video production and having helped ambitious, budget- challenged small businesses to build their brands prepared her for helping similarly situated political candidates. In 2013 she launched Bold Blue Campaigns, a political services firm focusing exclusively on serving Democratic state and municipal candidate nationwide. Their model has been to fight everywhere and keep costs low for candidates through grassroots support.

Madison describes herself as an atheist, humanist, and rationalist. She brings a passion and deep belief in secular and humanist values – and, more importantly, a desire to use her skills to work with the Secular Coalition to positively influence our nation – socially and politically – toward secular values and secular government.

Spreading Happiness

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