Jocelyn Williamson

Jocelyn Williamson, a lifelong atheist and Humanist, is the President of the Florida Humanist Association and co-founder of the Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC). The CFFC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of freethinkers, Humanists, atheists, and secularists working and playing together with reason and compassion as guiding principles. She is an ordained Humanist Celebrant through the Humanist Society and serves on the national board. She also represents Humanism on the Interfaith Council of Central Florida. 

Jocelyn serves as a Florida Representative for the Freedom From Religion Foundation and serves as the Florida State Director for American Atheists. Jocelyn received the Freedom From Religion Foundation “Nothing Fails Like Prayer” award in 2018 for a secular invocation she offered for a Florida city council meeting.

Jocelyn, her husband and co-founder, David Williamson, along with other members of the organization’s board discuss atheism, Humanism, and the value of secular government in events hosted by the Interfaith Council of Central Florida, Valencia’ College’s Peace and Justice Institute, the University of Central Florida’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Rollins College Office of Religious Life. The CFFC works to improve the world around us by advancing secular and freethought ideals in society and in government. The CFFC promotes the separation of state and church and works to fight the discrimination and marginalization that non-believers face with the goal to build a better future for humanity and our planet through the promotion of reason, science, Humanism, and critical thinking in Central Florida and beyond.

Jocelyn is a university business instructor. Prior to working in education Jocelyn worked in international marketing. After living and working in Denmark, Japan, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus she has settled in Central Florida where she enjoys kayaking, gardening, all things related to science fiction, the arts, and politics.


Spreading Happiness

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