Hoa Anh Hoang

Donor Engagement & Office Management

[email protected]

202 - 299 - 1091, Ext. 123

Hoa Anh is the Development Associate and Office Manager of Secular Coalition for America. Born and raised in the capital city of Việt Nam – Hà Nội, she brings the perspectives of a global citizen and an advocate for progressive policies and social justice.

Prior to joining SCA, she worked at the Institute for Policy Studies as a Development Associate. Hoa Anh had experience working with United Nation Development Programme in the Climate Change and Environment Unit, and Bean Voyage, a non-profit social enterprise working to eradicate the gender gap in coffee communities. With a background in International Affairs and Psychology, Hoa Anh takes on the interest in issues regarding climate change, immigration policies, and cultural understanding. It’s through her experiences founding the Vietnamese Student Association Gettysburg College, and President of the Asian Student Alliance where Hoa Anh developed an interest in community building, outreach and organizing for minority communities.

Outside of work, Hoa Anh is passionate about traveling, singing, playing music with her guitar and working on her food blog.


Spreading Happiness

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