Heather Rigby

Director of Communications

[email protected]

202 - 299 - 1091, Ext. 333

Heather comes from a background in education and public/educational/government media. She has earned awards from the American Association of University Women and the Alliance for Community Media, presented at conferences on topics including social media engagement and volunteer programs for nonprofits, and served on committees for media organizations and a library. Her passion is a good story — hearing or telling. As a child, Heather spent time immersed in the stories told by elders and veterans at the senior center and VFW where her grandfather volunteered and was a member. This turned into an academic career dedicated to understanding how stories build community and shape society, with a desire to have people’s stories take the lead in advocacy.

When not working, volunteering, or pushing toward the completion of her Master’s Degree, Heather can be found cooking, baking, crocheting, wandering museums, watching nature documentaries, or daydreaming about rescuing all of the dogs. Sometimes she does several of these at once.


Spreading Happiness

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