Climate Change Denial

Solutions to the world’s greatest challenges must be guided by science and evidence. Lawmakers have a responsibility to recognize and act upon the scientific consensus behind climate change.

Climate change is not a political position but an explanation consistent with the scientific method, supported by 97% of climate scientists, that climate change is caused largely by human activities. Yet, despite the certainty behind the science, roughly one-third of Americans polled said they do not believe climate change is occurring.

Unfortunately, both members of Congress and the current administration have sought to downplay or obstruct the scientific evidence for climate change, or else subject research by federal agencies such as the EPA to political demands. Some have done this based on their rejection of science or a misunderstanding of scientific data. Others have done it based on personal religious beliefs that God would not cause harm to the world.

The Secular Coalition for America urges lawmakers at every level of government to recognize the scientific evidence of climate change and explore actions that will mitigate and prevent further harm to the environment.

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