Grassroots Activism

Grassroots Activism

Grassroots activism is the lifeblood of democracy and is the driving force behind any movement. Our lobbying and grassroots work go hand in hand: our voice on Capitol Hill is strengthened by the voices of active, local constituents like you. Our job is to give everyday voters the tools and training they need to be effective advocates for change.

Our Action Alerts make it easy to contact your lawmakers in a matter of seconds. It’s activism made easy! We have sent tens of thousands of letters to Congress and state legislatures in support of separation of church and state, amplifying the voices of secular Americans across the country using the power of technology. Every time a lawmaker’s office hears from you on an issue, they are reminded that they have secular values voters among their constituents who demand to be seen and heard. No matter how busy you are, you can be a part of the action by getting alerts sent to your email inbox or text messages to your cell phone by signing up here.

When our lobbyists walk into a congressional office, their political clout is determined by how many voters at home your elected official has heard from. That’s why we are building teams of advocates in every congressional district in the country. If you are ready to take your activism to the next level, the Rapid Response Network is for you. We will give you the training and tools you need to make phone calls, ask Members of Congress tough questions at town halls, write letters to the editor and op-eds, schedule meetings with your lawmaker’s district office, and most importantly: build genuine, personal relationships with your Members of Congress and their staff. Our Rapid Responders, and our “District Captain” leaders, are an integral part of our lobbying team in Washington, making our work more impactful and effective. Amplify our lobbying work in your district by joining the Rapid Response Network.

We cannot expect lawmakers to hear us if we are not speaking up when it matters most. Increasing voter turnout of secular voters is a critical priority. In 2018, we teamed with five of our member organizations — American Atheists, American Humanist Association, Center for Inquiry, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and Secular Student Alliance — to build a voter registration machine to register voters, get out the secular vote, put secular communities on the political map, and bring secular values to the forefront of the electoral process. Secular America Votes is the first-ever Get Out The Vote initiative by and for the secular movement. Sign up to register leaders for the next election at

As a nonpartisan organization representing secular voters across the political spectrum, the Secular Coalition for America is committed to giving our constituency a voice and a seat at the table in the political arena. Secular voters belong to every political party and we want to elevate their voices across the political spectrum. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Green, you can help us bring secular values to your party.

We work with party members to get Secular Caucuses off the ground, recruit fellow secular party activists to get involved, plan events, give presentations at local chapter meetings, meet with party leadership to brief them on secular issues, table at political conventions, get out the vote, submit policy planks/resolutions for the party platform, and much more.

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