Tell your Members of Congress: Climate Change Denial Must Stop

The science is clear. Climate change is real. With a 97% consensus among climate scientists that humans are contributing to climate change and a dangerous rise in sea level that puts our communities and the world at risk, to deny the science is to deny responsibility for future generations and the future of our planet.

Secular Americans believe that policy should be driven by reason, evidence, and science. Unfortunately, this common sense approach to policy is at odds with President Trump, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, and many Members of Congress, all of whom are on record rejecting the scientific consensus on climate change.

With a shocking amount of elected officials denying the science behind climate change, it is critical that we stand up for science and make it clear that we expect more from our lawmakers. There is room for disagreement about the best way to address climate change, but this conversation can’t begin until policymakers recognize the reality of climate change.

Take action and by urging your Members of Congress to recognize, and respond to, the scientific consensus on climate change.

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