Heretic on the Hill: There’s a Lot Going On

So, the government didn’t close down two weekends ago as predicted here. No one thought Speaker McCarthy would wake up Saturday and decide to do the right thing, even if it meant working with Democrats and losing his job. Clearly Congressman Gaetz, the instigator in removing him, didn’t have a Step Two because almost two weeks later the Republicans aren’t even close to agreeing on a replacement for McCarthy. The House, meanwhile, is paralyzed. No predictions on how that turns out.

Thanks to everyone who used our Action Alert alert to oppose the Senate Resolution designating last week as Religious Education Week. It was never brought up in the Senate for a vote!

Clarence Thomas recused himself from a case! One of the architects of the effort to overturn the 2020 election, John Eastman, appealed a case to the Supreme Court and the Court decided not to hear the appeal. Between Eastman having been a clerk for Thomas and Thomas’s wife having involved herself in the effort, this one screamed for recusal. Thomas failed to do so in earlier, similar cases, adding to the public calls for a code of ethics and a recusal process. But this time he sat one out.

Thanks to everyone here who added to the pressure on Thomas and the Court for ethics reform. There are off-the-record statements that the Justices are trying to establish a code, but not all of them are interested.

The House passed the appropriations bill that includes our provision for a report to Congress on the religious worker visa program! This program is both unnecessary and fraud-filled. I’m talking to Senate committee staff about why the Senate should agree to this House provision in the final bill.

We’re working with a member of Congress who will be introducing a bill to crack down on Christian healthshare ministries, which look like health insurance providers but really aren’t. Details coming soon, but if you know anyone who has been defrauded by one of these insurance clubs and would be willing to tell their story, please let me know at [email protected]

We are looking for a legislative intern for the spring. Twenty hours a week. If you know someone who might be interested they can find out more on our jobs page.

Everyone should read America doesn’t need more God. It needs more atheists.  Hopefully you have a free article available there.


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