Steven Emmert Takes the Lead

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022 the Secular Coalition for America welcomed Steven Emmert to the organization as our new Executive Director. He brings valuable experience from the world of nonprofits and advocacy with his unique perspective to promote our mission.

Most recently, Steven served as the Deputy Executive Director of Us Helping Us right here in DC. The organization focuses on the physical and mental health of black gay men living with HIV/AIDS and strives for health equity for underserved and marginalized populations in the greater Washington, DC area. Previously, he has served as a director or operations officer at Planned Parenthood affiliates, the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, and the YWCA.

With a career spent among marginalized groups, and particularly at organizations that are often a target of the Christian right and their theocratic policy demands, we are excited to see how Steven applies what he has learned elsewhere to the issues facing the secular community. When asked about what inspired him to apply, he said, "The overturning of Roe is deeply concerning," and further explained that "the opportunity to influence policy for the better" couldn't be resisted.

He is looking forward to getting to know more about all 20 of our member organizations and work with them on developing and advocating for secular policy. "The diversity of representation among the coalition members is vital." Steven expects to have many informative and inspiring conversations with their leadership, as well as our Board of Directors and long-time supporters over the coming weeks as he settles into the role.

Welcome, Steven!

A blue and red watercolor-style background with white stars highlights a quote from Steven Emmert, the Executive Director of the Secular Coalition of America: "Recent decisions from the US Supreme Court have made me very angry and scared for our country. I look forward to ensuring a separation of church and state and protecting the rights of nonreligious Americans."


Spreading Happiness

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