A semi-candid group photo of several people attending a conference. The people are members of the American Ethical Union.

Ethical Assembly Workshops Now Available

In July, our coalition member American Ethical Union held their 107th annual assembly! With the theme of “preparing for the future of ethical humanism,” they held a variety of talks and workshops that you can now stream at your leisure! If you were unable to attend the assembly when it happened, or if you are new to the world of ethics-driven societies and looking for a good resource to help build your foundation of knowledge, be sure to take a look at the recordings on YouTube. There are eight different ones to watch!

Not sure where to start? If you have young children, you may want to take a look at Ethical Education Committee: Ethics for Children Workshop with Special Guest, Author Joseph Becker. The author of several books, Mr. Becker is notable for his children’s series Annabelle & Aiden, which are humanist stories that talk about the history of religion, the world, and the universe. Creating such a series has not been without challenges! This is a chance to hear from the man himself about the process of getting the books written and published.

For those who are more experienced and are looking for ways to create change, Ethical Action Committee Workshop: Ethicals and Policy Makers: Building Working Relationships has actionable information to help you understand not only how (and where) policy is made but how you can have an impact — even indirectly. With an emphasis on working at the local level, this goes hand-in-hand with Membership Committee: New Society Development – A Capacity-Building Approach. Understanding that every place or group will have its own needs for building community, this workshop will help people understand how to best set up a new society for success.

We are grateful to our friends over at AEU for all the work they do and for making these resources available to us.


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