Pride in Action

The Secular Coalition for America (SCA) stands with LGBTQ+ Americans, knowing the importance of having the freedom and rights to live your full true self.  As we enter Pride Month, we are reminded that so many issues and causes that matter to the secular community are in coalition with other groups and communities.This is especially true of the LGBTQ+ community, who have historically faced a denial of their civil rights under the guise of “religious liberty/freedom”.

There have been many momentous victories over the years, but there is a lot of work ahead. Right now, our Coalition is actively lobbying Congress and the Biden Administration to pass the Equality Act, the Do No Harm Act, and the Every Child Deserves a Family Act. All of these bills would protect Americans from being denied their civil rights on the basis of religious exemption to civil laws.

SCA is also closely monitoring the much anticipated Supreme Court decision on Fulton v the City of Philadelphia, which could allow government contractors, such as religiously-affiliated foster agencies, to engage in discrimination justified by religious beliefs. For more information on the case, check out this great resource from GLAAD (while targeted towards journalists, the guide is beneficial for all citizens). Also, don’t forget to register for Decision Day, a national event SCA is co-sponsoring that will feature a virtual rally and town hall when a decision on Fulton is released!


Spreading Happiness

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