2021 Secular Week of Action

Washington, D.C. – 2021’s Secular Week of Action is just a month away! Every year, the secular movement comes together to create change in our local communities and provide a relevant alternative to the National Day of Prayer (May 6, 2021). Our coalition spends a whole week organizing service projects and volunteering as individuals  — increasing the visibility of secular people and helping improve our world.

This year, because of the dramatic increase in food insecurity and homelessness as a result of the pandemic, we’re especially encouraging groups to focus on those critical issues, but any service is encouraged throughout the week of April 30 – May 9.

Here at the Secular Coalition for America, our staff will be partnering with Capital Area Food Bank located in Northeast Washington, D.C.

Interested in participating? Here are some steps to get you started!

  • Follow the Secular Week of Action Facebook Page for project ideas, memes, and more!
  • Visit the Secular Week of Action website to pledge individual action, see suggestions for actions you can take, and find events near you.
  • Register for Mayday For Humanity, a virtual fundraiser to help those impacted by hunger and homelessness. We’re co-hosting this event with the Freethought Society, Recovering From Religion, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Secular Student Alliance. (Facebook event)

Stay tuned for more ways you can help put secular values into action. Let’s provide a resonant, unifying response to the divisive National Day of Prayer!




For more info contact: Andrew McCarty Grossen, Communications Manager, [email protected]


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