Statement on Speckhardt’s decision to step down from the American Humanist Association

Roy Speckhardt was one of the first leaders to inspire me to get involved in the secular movement. Over time I found a philosophical home with the American Humanist Association. Inspired by their work, I wanted to contribute my efforts to advancing humanism and I eventually served several years on the Board of Directors. I came to know Roy much better through the lens of a board member. I respected the way he guided the organization, valued the efforts of his board members, respected our donors, and celebrated the achievements of everyone he worked with.

Now as Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America, of which AHA is a member organization, I have seen his leadership bring forth many positive developments. Roy by nature is a bridge-builder. He’s always looking to cooperate and work with as many people as possible to achieve common goals. Knowing that change does not happen overnight, he always has the long game in mind when it comes to changing the culture. While I will miss working closely with Roy, I am very excited for his next adventure in life.

Debbie Allen
Executive Director
Secular Coalition for America


Spreading Happiness

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