Wexler: 6 things I wish people understood about atheism in America

In an attempt to shine light on the atheist community in America, Boston University Law Professor Jay Wexler took to Vox to share his experience of growing up as an atheist.

“Although I have an affinity for Asian religions like Buddhism and Taoism and even have a master’s degree in religious studies from a divinity school, I’ve been an unabashed atheist for my entire adult life,” says Wexler.

“The number of people who do not believe in any god has been on the rise in recent decades. According to the Pew Research Center, close to a quarter of the population identifies as a so-called ‘none,’ up 7 percent from 2007 to 2014,” continues Wexler. “Given our growing numbers, it’s important for non-atheists to understand what it means for someone to not believe in any god. Here are just a few things I would like people to know about atheism and being an atheist in the United States.”

Read his full opinion piece at Vox.

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