Serwer: The Illiberal Right Throws a Tantrum

Atlantic columnist Adam Serwer writes on the latest iteration of the U.S. culture wars and what steps the religious right might take in the future.

“By the tail end of the Obama administration, the culture war seemed lost,” said Serwer. “The religious right sued for détente, having been swept up in one of the most rapid cultural shifts in generations.”

“The rapidity of that cultural shift, though, should not obscure the contours of the society that the religious right still aspires to preserve: a world where women have no control over whether to carry a pregnancy to term, same-sex marriage is illegal, and gays and lesbians can be arrested and incarcerated for having sex in their own homes and be barred from raising children,” he continued. “The religious right showed no mercy and no charity toward these groups when it had the power to impose its will, but when it lost that power, it turned to invoking the importance of religious tolerance and pluralism in a democratic society.”

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