Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Faith and her Candidacy

During her campaign, Gillibrand has made a variety of statements regarding her faith and it’s role in her political life. On July 14, 2019, Gillibrand responded to footage of Vice President Pence touring a border station housing migrants, with a bible quote, rather than a policy position.

On July 17, 2019, Gillibrand tweeted a video discussing her opinions on faith and it’s role in the current political system: 

“My faith is something that guides me, that drives me, that protects me, that gives me courage when I need it most. And I believe the conversation in this country about faith has really been distorted. I find that a lot of members of congress, particularly republicans in congress are constantly using faith as a cudgel as a source for division, a source for hatred, a source for lies, a source for demeaning the vulnerable, a source for harming communities. And that is not what the gospel says, it’s not what my faith believes in. We believe in the golden rule. We believe you should treat others the way you want to be treated. We believe you should help the least among us. I don’t think that represents the values of the republican party today. And it definitely doesn’t represent the values of President Trump. Because what President Trump is doing is the most anti-christian thing I can imagine. When people are starving and fleeing danger and fear and asking for help he locks them up, he locks children up, he separates children from their parents- the most vulnerable people on this planet. He not only turns a blind eye, but he treats them as less then. That is not Christian, that is evil.”



Spreading Happiness

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