DesRochers: Lexington’s gay history is my history

For the 4th of July, reporter Daniel DesRochers wrote a column on the treatment of the LGBTQ community by the Lexington Herald-Leader, and Kentucky.

“Lexington’s gay history is my history – it created the freedoms and liberties I enjoy,” said DesRochers. “With a split decision on September 25, 1992, the [Kentucky Supreme Court] decriminalized homosexuality in Kentucky, 11 years before the U.S. Supreme Court would do the same.”

“The front page blared ‘Sodomy law struck down,'” notes DesRochers. “The jump page had a pull quote from the dissent, saying the ruling would protect the ‘private use of cocaine, consensual incest, suicide and prostitution.'”

Read DesRochers full column at the Lexington Herald-Leader.