Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Reproductive Rights and the Hyde Amendment

Gillibrand spoke about reproductive rights at a June 22, 2019 Planned Parenthood Action Fund forum, sharing her concerns about lawmakers making decisions about women’s health without them present.

“Women are desperate and we deserve constitutional protections… It’s why I’ll make sure poor, marginalized and black women have the same reproductive freedoms as any person. It’s why I will not allow male legislatures around this country to make those life or death decisions for you or I. It is why I will make sure that I guarantee reproductive freedom for every woman, every transgender woman, and every gender non-conforming individual who needs these basic human, civil rights.”

In a June 5th, 2019 tweet, Gillibrand also addressed the Hyde Amendment, which restricts the use of federal funds to pay for abortion, stating: 

“Repealing the Hyde Amendment is critical so that low-income women in particular can have access to the reproductive care they need and deserve. Reproductive rights are human rights, period. They should be nonnegotiable for all Democrats.”

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