Beto O’Rourke on School Vouchers

In a video posted on Twitter February 18, 2018 for his senatorial campaign, O’Rourke addressed the issue of school vouchers saying:

“I remember being in a diner in Henrietta, Texas and listening to a Republican public school teacher who told me that if we allow Betsy DeVos to take her hard earned tax dollars out of her public school classroom, turn them into a voucher and send them to a private school, that there would be hell to pay. I want that kind of accountability. I want to make sure we are serving the interests of every single community, every teacher, librarian, school nurse who’s ensuring the success of every child in the state of Texas.”

He followed up his video with a tweet, saying: 

“[Prioritizing access to quality education] means fully investing in our public schools, not allowing our public tax dollars to be pulled out of our classrooms and sent to private school”

Spreading Happiness

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