At a National Day of Prayer speech, Trump falsely claims there was little religious freedom before his election

In his National Day of Prayer speech, President Trump focused on how much the United States has changed since his election, particularly for people of faith. The president, who won a large majority of white evangelical Christians and white Catholic voters in 2016, spoke about how difficult life had been for religious Americans before he entered the Oval Office.

“One of the things I’m most proud of,” he said, “is the Johnson amendment. You can now speak your mind — and speak it freely. I said I was going to do that. . . . That was one of the things I said. They took away your voice politically, and these are the people I want to listen to politically. But you weren’t allowed to speak — they would lose their tax-exempt status. That’s not happening anymore; we got rid of the Johnson amendment. That’s a big thing.”

He also said that “people are so proud to be using that beautiful word ‘God.’ And they’re using the word ‘God’ again, and they’re not hiding from it. And they’re not being told to take it down, and they’re not saying, ‘We can’t honor God.’ In God, we trust. So important.”

Read the full article at the Washington Post.


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