Missouri Bill Banning Anonymity of Atheist Plaintiffs in Lawsuits Passes House

A bill that will paint a giant target on atheists’ backs for any Christian vigilante who wants to attack them has just passed the Missouri State House.

A little background here: Whenever a church/state separation lawsuit lists the plaintiffs, it’s not unusual to see initials in place of their real names, if not a pseudonym like “Jane Doe.” That’s for good reason: If their names ever became public, they could be stalked or bullied (or worse) in their communities, many of which are extremely religious, which is why there are church/state separation problems in the first place.

Missouri State Rep. Hardy Billington, a Republican Baptist who recently said his goal in office was to “stand up for Christian values,” filed a bill earlier this year that would force adult plaintiffs to use their real names in any cases involving church/state separation… and only in cases involving church/state separation.

Read the full article at Patheos.

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