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Trump’s Tweet Raises Profile of Bible Literacy Classes in Public Schools

America, it seems, is at something of an inflection point when it comes to religion and public education.

Public school students in Pennsylvania are challenging bans on distributing Bibles at lunch, and Catholic high schoolers in Vermont want to participate in a publicly funded dual credit program. Parents are seeking an end to rules that ban the use of state-funded vouchers and other private school choice programs at religious schools.

States are increasingly permitting or requiring schools to display “In God We Trust,” the national motto, in public schools. Several Supreme Court justices this year welcomed a case challenging existing bans on teacher-led prayer at school.

Perhaps the highest-profile of these proposed changes is a cluster of state legislatures considering Bible literacy classes. The story was picked up by Fox News and apparently caught the eye — and support — of President Donald Trump.

Read the full article at The74Million.

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