AZ Atheist Lawmaker Gives Invocation, Then Gets Mocked by Christian Colleague

In 2017, Arizona State Rep. Athena Salman, an openly atheist legislator, delivered an invocation to open up the day’s session. It was a perfectly respectful speech, referring to “the humanity that resides within each and every person here.” Yet it offended Republicans who insisted all invocations needed to invoke a “Higher Power.” One Republican was even given permission to deliver his own prayer to effectively “correct” the one Salman gave.

It was disrespectful, rude, and a reminder that Republicans care more about Christian superiority than religious freedom. Now, a version of that whole scenario just happened again.

On Monday, Salman delivered another invocation. This one was more tailored to her personal atheistic views, but it was hardly demeaning to anyone else. Yet watch what happens after her speech in the video below. Republican State Rep. John Kavanagh asks to speak, then proceeds to mock Salman by invoking his personal God in what can only be described as a Christian attempt at humor.


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