Oklahoma Just Elected an Anti-Vaxxer as its Governor

Kevin Stitt, a Republican businessman just elected as Oklahoma’s 28th governor, is an anti-vaxxer who doesn’t understand how herd immunity works. The Daily Beast pointed out months ago that Stitt has expressed irrational skepticism toward childhood vaccinations.

At an appearance before a conservative political forum this past February, Tulsa businessman Kevin Stitt said he personally did not vaccinate some his own kids and opposed legislation that would require vaccinations for children if they wanted to attend public schools.

“I believe in choice,” Stitt said, “And we’ve got six children and we don’t vaccinate, we don’t do vaccinations on all of our children. So we definitely pick and choose which ones we’re gonna do. It’s gotta be up to the parents, we can never mandate that. I think there’s legislation right now that are trying to mandate that to go to public schools, it’s absolutely wrong. My wife was home schooled, I went to public schools, our kids go to Christian school, and that’s back to a parent’s choice.”

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