The Christian Takeover of the U.S. Military

The trans ban is just the latest attempt to push a radical Jesus agenda on our service members.

The best friend to LGBTQ people in the history of ever, President Trump, decided last week that “he” would again ban transgender people from serving their country. The first time “he” attempted to ban them from the service, he announced it on a whim without consulting or notifying the Department of Defense. Several federal court injunctions blocked “his” attempt, so “he” returned to the drawing board to come up with another way to impose the ban that the DOD already researched and found unnecessary, drew up a plan for implementation, and was supported by the secretary of Defense.

I keep putting “he” in quotes whenever I refer to Trump because he has never been the driving force behind the ban. Vice President Mike Pence has always been the general leading the march against transgender service members; it’s his way to force his beliefs on our military, a long-term goal of the evangelical Christian right.

For years, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has noted the growing efforts by evangelicals to turn the U.S. military into an instrument of their ideology and worldview. While not all evangelicals believe the same, the far more radicalized tend toward a belief called dominionism — a wish to turn America into a nation perhaps not run as a theocratic state but at least run by extreme Christian beliefs, the military included. Hence the reason Pence, with the help of the Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation, produced a report full of bad anti-transgender science and myths in order to justify the ban. This is not the first time military policy and leadership have been guided not by military regulations and the law but by evangelical proselytizing and beliefs.

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