A Catholic and an atheist walk into a bar…

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but it’s actually the beginning of a powerful defense of religious freedom. In honor of Religious Freedom Day, we partnered with our friends at Catholics for Choice to publish an article at The Hill:

“The sad truth is that the religious right is not defending religious liberty — they are redefining it into a broad license to discriminate against anyone for any reason that is rooted in religious belief. Religious liberty has been a cornerstone of our democracy meant to protect the persecuted. Now we see it used as a mantle to exert power and deny rights to the most vulnerable…That is why this Catholic and atheist believe we must reclaim true religious freedom — freedom of and from religion. It is what makes America a beacon for those fleeing persecution. It is what makes America a tolerant society for all. And dare we say it: it is what makes America great.”

This Religious Freedom Day please take a moment to read the article in its entirety. People of all faiths and no faith need to work together to reclaim religious freedom from the religious right. Please help change the narrative by sharing this article today and by being a proud Secular Values Voter every day!


Spreading Happiness

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