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Despite the fact that there are tens of millions of nontheistic Americans, we remain one of the most marginalized groups in the country.  The Secular Coalition for America is working to make sure that we are heard on Capitol Hill. We fight in Washington DC against religious privileging on a federal level, yet some of the most egregious violations of separation of church and state are being promoted and passed at a state levelWe need your help to see real change in Helena and across Montana.

The Secular Coalition for America is forming state chapters across the country. Our chapters will bring together secular Americans in each state to influence government officials, legislation, and regulations. A Secular Coalition for America state chapter is unlike any other nontheistic state organization—it brings together interested organizations and individuals for the exclusive purpose of lobbying government officials.


Joel Thompson, 38
Helena, Montana

An Oregon native, Thompson was born in Astoria and was originally raised as a non-denominational Christian. Thompson holds a BA in Political Science and a law degree from the University of Oregon. After law school, Thompson relocated to Great Falls, Montana, and began his career as a deputy county attorney, where he spent 12 years prosecuting cases ranging from theft to homicide, with a focus on sex offenses against children. Thompson is now a state prosecutor living in Helena and traveling the entire state prosecuting mainly sex offenders and training investigators, social workers, and other prosecutors. He has volunteered as a Big Brother with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Montana and 11 years later still has a brother relationship with now 23 year old Dustin. Thompson has served on the Board of the United Way of Cascade County and the Board of the Great Falls Transition Center.  He currently sits on the Board for the Montana Sexual Offender Treatment Association.  

Contact Information:
Phone 406-727-9418
Email [email protected]



Call Date and Time     Agenda     Audio 
June 26th at 2PM MT     Agenda      Call audio 
July 24th at 2PM MT     Agenda      Call audio 
September 25th at 2PM MT     Agenda     Call audio
October 23rd at 2PM MT     Agenda     Call audio
November 27th at 2PM MT      Agenda    Call audio
January 5th at 1PM MT    Agenda     Call audio
February 2nd at 1pm MT    Agenda     Call audio
March 2nd at 1pm MT      N/A       N/A
April 20th at 1pm MT      N/A     N/A

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