Doug White

Vice President

Doug White, a long-time leader in the nation’s philanthropic community, is an author, teacher, and an advisor to nonprofit organizations and philanthropists. He is Co-Chair of the FoolProof Foundation’s Walter Cronkite Project Committee, a board member at Tiny Spark, and became an advisory board member of the Secular Coalition for America in 2017.

Doug is the author of four books: “Abusing Donor Intent,” published in 2014; “The Nonprofit Challenge: Integrating Ethics into the Purpose and Promise of Our Nation’s Charities,” published in 2010; “Charity on Trial: What You Need to Know Before You Give,” published in 2007; and “The Art of Planned Giving: Understanding Donors and the Culture of Giving,” published in 1996. He has written several articles for a variety of magazines and periodicals, including Trusts and Estates, the Journal of Gift Planning, Charitable Gift Planning News, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

He is the former director of Columbia University’s Master of Science in Fundraising Management program, where, in addition to his extensive management responsibilities, he taught board governance, ethics and fundraising. He is also the former academic director of New York University’s Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising. He has also been an advisor to BoardSource, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to “building exceptional nonprofit boards and inspiring board service.”

Spreading Happiness

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