Andrew McCarty Grossen

Communications Manager

[email protected]

202 - 299 - 1091, Ext. 666

Andrew McCarty Grossen is a political and communications strategist working to advance social justice through effective storytelling and coalition building. His experience is diverse, previously working within the labor movement and progressive politics.

Originally from Minnesota, Andrew has spent significant time abroad, primarily in Ireland where he earned two degrees from University College Dublin including a Masters in American Politics and Foreign Policy. While in Ireland, Andrew was active in the historic referendum campaigns supporting the legalization of same-sex marriage (2015), abortion (2018), and blasphemy (2018) in the traditionally religious nation. Ireland remains a “second home” for him and he remains passionate about Irish culture, politics, and history.

Beyond Ireland, Andrew’s campaign work led him to France, New Zealand, and his native Minnesota, giving him unique experiences and perspectives on campaign and communication strategies.


Spreading Happiness

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