Party Organizing


As a nonpartisan organization representing secular voters across the political spectrum, the Secular Coalition for America is committed to giving our constituency a voice and a seat at the table in the political arena.  Secular voters belong to every political party and we want to elevate their voices across the political spectrum. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Green, you can help us bring secular values to your party.


What do party Organizers Do?

Party crashers get Secular Caucuses off the ground, recruit fellow secular party activists to get involved, plan events, give presentations at local chapter meetings, meet with party leadership to brief them on secular issues, table at political conventions, get out the vote, submit policy planks/resolutions for the party platform, and much more.

Want to Get Involved?

There are only three requirements for getting involved:

  • 1

    You are registered with either the Green, Democratic, Libertarian, or Republican party

  • 2

    You are active within your party (i.e. you attend meetings, hold a leadership position, or have participated in campaigns)

  • 3

    You’re a go-getter who’s ready to get to work!

Party Organizing Updates

How secular candidates fared in the midterm elections

A comprehensive report on the results of every nonreligious candidate who ran for public office during the 2018 ...
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Nontheists Achieve Historic Visibility At Libertarian Convention

Washington, DC -- On Monday the Secular Coalition for America facilitated a Secular Caucus at the Libertarian Party's ...
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Growing Secular Movement Could Indicate Change in Political Tide — Even in Texas

“The future of American voters is secular.” So said Sarah Levin of the Washington, D.C., nonprofit Secular Coalition ...
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Utah Democratic Party Approves Creation of Secular Caucus

The Central Committee of the Utah Democratic Party approved the creation of the first ever Secular Caucus in ...
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Secular Coalition Brings Visibility to Nonreligious Voters at the Democratic Convention

Philadelphia, PA.-- Yesterday the Secular Coalition for America hosted a reception welcoming nonreligious delegates and attendees of the ...
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Nonreligious Texans Achieve Historic Representation at Democratic Convention

Washington, D.C.-- The Secular Coalition for Texas, a chapter of the Secular Coalition for America, will host the ...
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