Time to Strike the Religious Test from the Texas State Constitution

Twenty-one percent of Texans are religiously unaffliated, yet Article 1, Section 4 of our constitution requires office holders in Texas to acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being. While this religious test is legally unenforceable, it leaves a stain on Texas’ reputation as a state that values freedom of conscience. It also encourages a de facto religious test in our politics.

In 2016, openly atheist Democratic candidate Elizabeth Tarrant was attacked by her opponent solely on the basis of her lack of belief. More recently, Vice Chair of the Tarrant Country Republican Party, Dr. Shahid Shafi, was nearly stripped from his position solely on the basis of his Muslim faith. This issue impacts both sides of the aisle and Texans of all faiths and no faith. We are better than this.

We are urging state legislatiors to introduce a joint resolution to strike this discriminatory language from our state constitution. Please help us stand up for religious freedom in Texas.

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