Tell Your Elected Officials That You’re A Secular Values Voter

October 19 was Openly Secular Day! With the midterm elections coming up in November, it’s time to remind your lawmakers that they have secular constituents who plan to VOTE in this election, who will hold them accountable to representing our secular values, and who are determined to safeguard the constitutional separation of church and state.

About one-quarter of Americans identify as nonreligious but our community is often neglected by lawmakers, politicians, and media pundits. To increase our visibility and flex our political muscle, we, secular Americans, must be active and vocal participants in the political process.

Celebrate being openly secular by telling your elected officials that you are a proud Secular Values Voter! When we stand up and speak out together, our combined voice can resonate with the political system and send a powerful message. Add your voice by taking action!

Spreading Happiness

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