Stop Congress from including voucher funding in next COVID-19 relief bill

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recently shared a plan to include federal funding for private school vouchers in the next COVID-19 relief package currently being developed by Congress. An avid supporter of religious education, DeVos’ plan takes advantage of the recent Supreme Court decision in Espinoza v. Montana Dept. of Revenue, which effectively legalized federal funding for private religious institutions. While she doesn’t explicitly highlight funding for religious education, she’s well aware that most school voucher funding goes to religious schools—in fact, she’s counting on it. These are the types of schools that discriminate against students, parents, and staff based on religious beliefs. The types of schools focused on indoctrinating children with faith as early as possible. The types of schools where bullying, fraud, and abuse occurs without clear oversight. If you don’t speak out, your tax dollars—that should be sent to secular, public schools—will end up in the hands of these religious indoctrination facilities. Please, urge your Members of Congress to fight against school voucher funding in the next round of COVID-19 relief.

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