Secular Coalition for Nebraska Monthly Conference Call

Monday, November 19, 2012 - 16:00 - 16:30
Call In Details: 
530-881-1400 code: 978895


Secular Coalition for America - Nebraska Chapter Conference Call

Call in number: 530-881-1400 Participant Code: 978895
Monday,November 19 at 3pm CT


Welcome Message

  • Who is here and who is not here that needs to be?
  • Agenda available at Nebraska chapter page at
  • Explanation of conference call style and recording
    • No one is required to speak up, but there will be opportunities to do so.
  • Thank you for joining us for the Secular Coalition for Nebraska monthly conference call!
  • The Secular Coalition for America is the only 501(c)(4) lobbying organization representing secular and nontheistic Americans.
  • Based in Washington DC, we are working to make sure that you are heard on Capitol Hill, on the federal level, yet some of the most egregious violations of separation of church and state are being promoted and passed at a state level.
  • The Secular Coalition for America is forming state chapters across the country to bring together secular and nontheistic Americans in each state to lobby on secular issues.


State Government November Election Wrap Up

  • Capital city is Lincoln
  • Governor Dave Heineman
  • Nebraska Legislature
    • Unicameral (only American state legislature that is unicameral)
    • 49 senators serving 4 year terms
    • There are no formal party alignments or groups within the Legislature. 
    • Nebraska uses a single nonpartisan primary election, in which the top two vote-getters are entitled to run in the general election.
    • 26 seats were up for election in November
  • U.S. Senate
    • Deb Fischer (R) will fill the seat currently held by Ben Nelson (D). 
    • First elected in 2000, Nelson did not run for re-election in 2012.
  • U.S. House of Representatives
    • Nebraska's 3 seats in the U.S. house were up for election in November
    • All incumbents won their seats, ll 3 seats are held by the Republican Party



  • Any issues we should know?

Chapter Development Update

  • A Secular Coalition for America state chapter is unlike any other nontheistic state organization—it brings together interested organization and individuals for the exclusive purpose of lobbying.
  • Leadership / Executive Committee
    • No set number of members or roles
    • Flexible to availability and strengths of individuals who want to get involved
    • Examples of Helpful Skills: leadership skills, familiarity with local groups, monitor legislation, conduct lobbying visits, mobilize grassroots, IT or website knowledge, social networking familiarity, comfortable speaking with press
    • Co-Chair Duties: Scheduling state coalition meetings as necessary, Building relationships with local organizations and keeping them informed;  Scheduling and Coordinating trainings; Ensuring compliance with all SCA policies (listed in the chapter manual soon to be finished); Assisting with fundraising and ensuring donations are sent  to the SCA; Contact person for SCA Research and Advocacy Manager; Upholding the respectful, diplomatic, and non-partisan approach of the Secular Coalition
    • Communications Chair Duties: Official press releases; Letters to the Editor; Working with LD on action alerts; Coordinating messaging with SCA; Acting as spokesperson; Available for interviews or local speaking engagements; Draft action alerts with Leg. chair
    • Tech Chair Duties: Website updates and blog posts; Social media; Answering email; 
    • Legislative/ Policy Chair Duties: Monitoring legislation for our issues; Gatherings research; Drafting action alerts with Comm. Chair; Tailoring SCA lobbying materials to be state specific
    • Lobbying Chair Duties:  Conducting lobbying visits; Building relationships with legislators; Up to date on state lobbying registration requirements; Familiar with the legislative process;
    • Interested Individuals: Mike L,  Matt S,  Ryan D, James ?
    • Interested? Email [email protected]
  • Volunteer List
  • Database
    • Sign up to receive action alerts to be part of a grassroots campaign when particular issues arise.
    • Sign up online at
  • Secular Coalition’s Support for the Chapters
    • Conference Calls
      • Changing call schedule in 2013 to add evening and weekend calls
      • Online communcaition tool in development
    • Bill Tracking
      •  CQ Statetrack - advanced legislation tracking service
      • Full bill text and details; Committee hearings calendar; Customizable reports; Automatic web publishing
    • Website
      • Temporarily:>States>Your State>Nebraska
      • Conference Call dates, time, numbers; Call replays and Agendas; Sign up to receive alerts
      • subdomain
      • Uses our template, but you will be able to update information
      • Technical set-up work still needs to be done, hope to have in the next two weeks
    • Use of our logo and name Secular Coalition for Nebraska
    • Email Address for Chair/Co-Chairs
    • Gmail Group Mailing List 
    • Facebook Page
      • Secular Coaltiion for Nebraska is up!
      • Please "like," share, and update the page
  • Future Resources
    • Promotional resources- brochures, stickers, buttons, handouts
    • Informational resources – Research, fact sheets and policy papers
    • Trainings and Guides – media and lobby trainings and guides
  • National Resources
    • Powerpoints –available at
    • National Secular Calendar – homepage
    • National Secular Update Weekly Conference Call
      • Thursdays at Noon 559-726-1300 Code 199568

Wrap Up

Contact Information

Thank You!


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