Reports: Bachmann’s Husband Got $161,000 in Taxpayer Dollars To Practice ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

There have been so many jaw-dropping stories about Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann’s theocratic beliefs recently that it’s getting hard to keep track.

Barely a week after the Minnesota Congresswoman signed a rambling, racist, homophobic, anti-liberty, and theocratic “Marriage Pledge” to oppose all forms of gay marriage, pornography, and abortion, new revelations have come to light about the Christian “counseling” businesses Bachmann co-owns with her husband, Marcus. 

ABC News, The Nation and other media outlets have reported that – despite denials from the Bachmann family – counselors at Marcus Bachmann’s centers in Minnesota offer widely-discredited “reparative therapy” that uses prayer and other Christian teachings in order to “cure” gay people of their sexual orientation. 

ABC News interviewed John Becker, an openly gay activist with the group Truth Wins Out, who secretly filmed five treatment sessions he received at one of Marcus Bachmann’s clinics. Here’s how Becker describes the counselor’s advice:

“His path for my therapy would be to read the Bible, and pray to God that I would no longer be gay.”

Watch the entire ABC News video below:

Bachmann, who is currently leading in the Iowa polls, refused to comment in detail, saying simply that she’s “very proud” of the business she owns with her husband.  

These types of “pray the gay away” practices have been widely denounced by the medical and scientific communities, including the American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association, which have both stated that such treatments are extremely harmful to patients.  

What could make this situation worse? How about the fact that your tax dollars have helped pay for these hideous counseling services!? That’s right, according to NBC News, Bachmann & Associates have received $161,000 in federal taxpayer dollars since 2005.

This is a business owned by the same Marcus Bachmann who was previously caught saying gay people are “barbarians” who “need to be educated” and “disciplined.” It’s the same business that is co-owned by Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party darling who gained her popularity by railing against the federal government, and whom millions of Americans think should be our next president.

For those who are interested, the Human Rights Campaign has organized an online petition asking GOP presidential candidates to “take a public stand against ‘ex-gay’ therapy and the insidious anti-gay ideology behind it.”

And, I would add, the insidious religious ideology behind it, as well.

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Marcus Bachman is right. We do need to re-educate the 'barbarians' & do 'not need to follow that path.' Of course, the barbarians are himself & other religious fanatics such as himself. The path the does not need following is Christianity. America enjoys, in Britain, the reputation of being the stupidest nation on earth. This because of the religious idiots in America as exemplified by the Tea Party. Americans really ought to know better being a Western country. Also religious extremists in America are known as the American Taliban, being virtually inseparable from the Islamic Taliban in their willingness to kill in the name of 'merciful' god (and his eagerness to condemn to torture for eternity any who disagree with him or his very narrow minded followers, of the correct faction, of course).
Nothing fails like prayer!
You and me and a few 10's of millions of others. I thought Palin was wacko. But this one just keeps stealing the show.
I am going to pray that Michele Bachmann goes away.

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